Our marketers have a marketing automation server at their disposal. This is a special tool that can do anything with all IT systems. We can supplement it with new functions and needs. This usually takes us 1-2 days since we wrote it in Python.

Sending reports in Telegram

You can generate a report that will contain short information about the state of the business. Data can be aggregated from any systems that have API or open access to the database. It can be a mix of sales data, advertising traffic, errors of the website, call center data, price changes of competitors. In general, you can add anything to the message and make a schedule when and how it is sent. Send messages if something happened.

Sending data to social networks

You can send customer data to social networks for retargeting or determining offline conversions. You can create retarget groups from segments of your CRM in order to make unique advertising banners or offers.

Building end-to-end analytics

You can link data from different sources and create unique reports that will be generated automatically.

Complementing CRM or other systems

CRM systems do not always have all the necessary functions, so sometimes they have to be finished off with special tools through the API. Our server perfectly copes with this task, since it was originally created for this. We are very familiar with the API of retailCRM, moySklad, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Vk, Telegram. It wouldn't be difficult for us to learn something else. You can also connect marketplaces and your other systems.

Scanning competitors

Scan competitors' websites and record price changes. Change prices on your website. Generate a report and notification about changes.