Marketer Dashboard

You no longer need to order quarterly marketing research. Track loyalty, image, any other parameters of your company in real-time!

A marketer dashboard is a cloud-based customer sentiment dashboard. Customer ratings are continuously fed into the system via an online questionnaire. You have the opportunity to track the performance of the company with a breakdown by region, store and even sales from manager.

A set of any indicators

You can include in the questionnaire any set of indicators necessary for solving tactical problems. Choose from 1 to 7 metrics, here are some ideas:

  • loyalty, satisfaction, NPS;
  • brand image;
  • social, demographic and psychographic profile of clients;
  • product evaluation by parameters (price, strength, design ...);
  • service assessment by parameters (order in the store, the work of staff and couriers ...);
  • the frequency, purpose and way of using the product;
  • barriers and drivers;
  • buying mission;
  • selection factors;
  • knowledge and assessment of competitors;
  • preferred communication channels.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) - According to research, NPS is most closely related to actual customer loyalty and long-term growth of companies. High NPS - indicates the potential to increase the customer base only through loyalty: recommendations and repeat purchases.

Cheaper to measure than not to measure

It is much cheaper to collect and use consumer information than not. Measure marketing performance, make new decisions, get insights. Eliminate PR, marketing, service and sales bottlenecks.

You can track how the brand image changes after PR-activities; how the purposes and uses of the product change throughout the season; control the quality of the service, receiving estimates of the work of consultants, sellers and couriers. Customers will be pleasantly surprised by the attention to their opinion, and you will be growing monthly in the brand loyalty index.