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In this case, we share the story about practical online course that we created and education methods that we used.

Main course project - NPO

As the main project of this online marketing course, students choose a non-profit organization, which in their opinion needs the help of a marketer. These NPO can be animal shelters, ecological communities, organizations that help elderly people or any other non-profit organization.

During the course, students' tasks include drawing up a new program of events to attract participants to NPO, creating a website, covering events on social networks, preparing banner ads and promotion strategy. Thus, students immediately work off the knowledge gained in the course and automatically do a good deed - they help the development of non-profit organizations. Working with such a project improves and demonstrates the main skills of a marketer.

We, in turn, also do several useful things at the same time. We train everyone, help NPO with a kind deed and select the best students to join our team.

We have implemented this course on the Stepik platform. This provides not only a convenient online format but also the opportunity to join the free course for everyone. We use the same course to select and teach our trainees in the marketing department.

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From offline to online

The Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has a course that was developed and taught by Aleksandr Bakharev and Aleksandr Klimov. The Interactive Marketing course at the university has proven to be very valuable for the students. This became a basis for creating an online course and a tool for the selection of our employees.


Feedback on the offline course "Interactive Marketing" from a student of SPbPU

Our technique

In order to make the course as practical as possible, we focused on the problem-based learning technique. This method implies the solution of practical problems when the theory is not given in its pure form, but only a direction is set so that the student can independently extract and apply the theory. This means the development of independence, critical and creative thinking. The course includes a lot of practice, creative tasks with mutual verification, material that needs to be "obtained" or deduced on your own. Our students of this course make a fairly large-scale project for non-profit organizations, considering it holistically and training as a marketing specialist.

Methods of problem-based learning

What does the course consist of?

For the course we collected various topics that allow us to cover the marketing project comprehensively:

  • Internet promotion. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Vkontakte, Yandex.Direkt
  • Website development. WordPress
  • Social networks
  • Creative techniques
  • Psychology
  • Design

The content of the course

Course Outcomes

At the moment, one of the course graduates has completed a project for an NPO. This is an animal shelter in the city of Zheleznovodsk. The name of the NPO is "Red Cat". A new program of activities was developed by the student, including a great idea - hiking trips for vacationers in the city's sanatoriums together with the animals from the shelter. The activities are highlighted on a website created by the student of the course with original drawn illustrations. The graduate student has already demonstrated his project to the owners of the organization and in return received many thanks and a willingness to bring the events to life!

Screenshot of the site for the "Red Cat" shelter.

Screenshot of the site for the "Red Cat" shelter from a graduated student of the course.

If you also want to understand who a marketer is, practice, improve your skills, do a good deed for NPO, and maybe even get into our team, then join a free online course from EvilUnion.