Targeting very expensive houses

Method essence

We have CIAN - an aggregator of real estate ads and similar services. In them, we filter the search by the cost of houses and we receive a list with addresses. Instead of the existing tool, you can use any other list - for example, addresses:

  • stores of competitors,
  • productions,
  • offices,
  • events.

Points - houses whose price is higher than 400,000,000 rubles

Points - houses whose price is higher than 400,000,000 rubles

Writing a spider in Python

It writes down all the addresses and adds them to the geo-encoder, which translates these addresses into coordinates. We send them to advertising platforms. Usually, there can be several thousand such addresses, because of this, ordinary mortal marketers cannot perform this, but ours can.


We split the received customers by sales channel and saw that ARPU and average receipt from these types of advertising campaigns are higher than from similar ones made by standard geotargeting.

In the future, we will add this tool to our marketing application - Awake. This service is now available in our marketing outsourcing.