Обложка проекта

Made the site fast, stylish, like a BSE motorcycle

Let's show the most interesting features


Convenient catalog with filtration, sorting, division into series. We reflect the dynamism of the product using a non-standard form of cards. Added the ability to attach stickers to them

Страница каталога

All concentration on the product

We show the product in all its power, illustrate the main characteristics with photographs, it is possible to correlate the size of the motorcycle with your height.

Страница товара


Added a 360 ° player so everyone can appreciate the motorcycle style



We have developed 18 blocks to create unique landing pages for each product. Accent colors change depending on the color of the motorcycle

Цветные карточки

Achievements and victories

Designed a page for the "BSE" team

Страница команды

Brightness and informational content

For the main page, we developed a title slider for important events, created an animated block for series cards, added an image block for quick access to social networks, a news slider

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